Whatever it is, it is the feeling that we are loved by that person, that love that will make us feel happy and contented.

No matter how pretty, how handsome, or how ugly he or she can be, it is the love that he can give you that will always matter.

It is the love that never needed to be uttered but intended to be felt by you.

I am happy.😊


I am happy to be love by you.😊

I dont know how long will it be, but i still thank you for loving me NOW.

NOW that i needed it the most.

Thank you for making me feel special even when i think im not.πŸ˜‚

Thank you for loving me NOW. It’ll finally hit me that theres always be someone who will come at the right place and at the right time.😊

Maybe its not just US.πŸ˜„

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