1.It is when youve just wake up from a dreamless and a not so good sleep and suddenly you feel that its raining outside.

2.Youve just suddenly feel sad without knowing why.

3. When you feel unlove.

4. When we feel we are unworthy.

5. When we are not appreciated.

6. When everything seems to be pointless.

7. When they made you feel that its all youre fault or mistake when they are also part of it.

8. When we dont see God on others.

9. When they cant accept who you are.

10. When youve been YOU all the time and they dont.

11. When you feel that you are not productive on your profession.

10.When we see things that others have that we should or could possibly have. (e.g. family, friends)

11.Youre really fond of traveling but you suddenly feel sad when its raining and youre at the seat beside the window of a bus its like youre shooting a tragic lovestory inside.

12. When we see the things we love and see that it is beggining to broke.

13. When we see what we have that other people should or could also have.

14. When you feel sad for others.

15. When you feel you could do something yet you cant do that thing.

16. When you feel you had everything yet you cant do small thing.

17. When you feel less lucrative.

18. When we lose something we love.

19.  When were in a crowded places yet we feel alone.

20. When we think weve already move on from something yet when we see things that reminds us of these things weve realize that its not over yet.

21. When you feel outcast.

22. When youre all by yourself.

23. When we cant help but deny our true feelings.

24. When its too late to say your true feelings for someone.

25. When we have those times of realization about ourselves and our purpose.

26. It is when you want to try, but its too hard. You know it can break you and turn you into pieces of ashes.

27. When you dont know if youre really waiting for someone.

28. One sided love.

29. Listening to a music that js not meant for you.

30. Loving a person who still love his past lover.

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