Coz heres the deal, if you still continue to hold on to the things that wasnt meant for you from the beggining God will make His own way to show you that it is not for you even if it does break your heart into pieces, if this would be the only way to get you closer to what He is saving for you. Even if it hurt. Even if it does break you into tiny pieces. He will do that. (matigas kasi ulo mo)  He will break you just so He can make make you into a new and strong person He want you to be. Sometimes, He allow us to be broken just for Him to heal and make us as bold as new. 😊

So, stop holding on to the things that wasnt really for. Theres something or someone better than what you want. This is something or someone He want you to have and thats worth waiting for. 😊

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