Dear whoever you are,

Thank you for arriving safely. Thank you for looking for me. Thank you for seeing me beyond the oceans of people who seems to have no flaws at all. Thank you for loving me unconditionally. 

I just wanna say, that ive already been praying for you since the time that ive realized that i also want a God fearing man who would be with me for the rest of my life time here on earth. And i thank you for arriving right in front of me, at the right place and at the right time (well, its God’s perfect time). And i’ll thank God for giving me you, always and forever. We may not have a perfect relationship, but i promise to keep the covenant that we have with the Lord, I promise to hold on to the things that makes me fall in love with you each and everyday. I promise to love you more even if it is inconvenient for me to love. I promise to stay and love you unconditionally. I’m looking forward in growing with you, not just physically but, to grow more in our faith. Im really excited to have a comrade in every struggles and challenges I and you will be facing in the near future. Ive prayed for you. I love you and I will wait for you, even if it takes a million years(kidding!). Dont keep me waiting, I might settle with someone who isnt really for me or I might get bored so much  that i managed to settle with someone whom i dont really love. Take your time fixing yourself, but dont keep me waiting forever. I love you. And I thank God for you.😊

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