This is a realization that even in the darkest part of our lives God is still there to comfort us. See how the peak shadow of the building shades him while he is crying, parang nag sasabing ” My son, im always here”. Napaka sweet ng Diyos kahit minsan we take it for granted dahil mas nakikita natin kung ano yung wala tayo or kung ano yung nawala saatin rather than saying thank you for the things that we have,that we dont even deserve to have.

See how one get the feeling of being alone and lonely in a crowded place and full of people.

Yet, he still feels that way. We are in the same kind of situation like this man, rather than focusing on the pain that we are fcing we should focus on the things that God gave us and pray for What reason He may have for taking away the things we’ve learned to love.

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